Last day of contact was May 29,2020

Gabe, here are the reasons to go no contact.
You can not out-manipulate the narcissist.
You can not beat them at their own game, nor should you even attempt it.
Here are a few possible scenarios of what can happen if you insist on seeking revenge:

You will get back together and, after a honeymoon period, your relationship will return to the old patterns (most probably).
You will become a hurtful and manipulative person yourself, which will negatively affect all your future relationships — obviously, not the answer as well.

Because people who tend toward narcissism always needs newer and fresher sources of supply, they have a habit of devaluing and discarding targets
They may be incapable of true love, empathy, reciprocity, kindness, and compassion
Studies show that there is very limited effectiveness in treating narcissism in psychotherapy, as it can be firmly hardwired to someones personality due to largely environmental circumstances that occurred in her early childhood
Experts on narcissistic abuse recovery all agree that contact with someone like this always results in pain

This narcissist is always desperately fighting to gain control of the people that she is in relationship with
If you interact with her, she will make sure your energy is taken from you and you feel drained
She is hoping the worst for you and will do everything in her power to take what you have
She is a narcissist who has figured out how to leech the energy out of her victims
Do not have your energy become her narcissistic supply.
She is a black widow and will bleed her victims dry